About Posh Organizers

Since 2013, we design and manufacture high quality makeup storage organizers for beauty lovers who want to live #lifewellorganized. There is nothing wrong with being obsessed with makeup and our goal is to help you keep everything neat and easy to find.
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What Makes Us Different
There are lots of cheap plastic or poor quality acrylic makeup organizers on the market. Most of them don't look good and start to discolour quite quickly.

At Posh Organizers, our goal is to handcraft the highest quality organizers with simple, modern designs so that people can enjoy the finer things in life without breaking the bank.

Based in Vancouver, Canada
We all feel the pain. Most beauty related online stores are based in the United States. For us Canadians buying their products, we have to deal with long delivery times, currency conversion charges, and customs & duty.

We're so proud to be a Canadian business. All your orders will be shipped domestically so you won't have pay extra for currency conversion and customs & duty. Shop local and support a Canadian business!

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