• Makeup Brush Organizer With Lid
  • Makeup Brush Organizer With Lid
  • Makeup Brush Organizer With Lid
  • Makeup Brush Organizer With Lid
  • Makeup Brush Organizer With Lid
  • Makeup Brush Organizer With Lid

Makeup Brush Organizer With Lid

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A sparkling clear organizer for all your precious brushes to bloom in

There is three tall compartments to hold various brands and sizes of your most adored makeup brushes. With a sturdy lid and  glossy marbles to keep  your brushes neatly organized and free of dust.

“Beautiful! Makeup brushes fit perfectly.”
— Kimberly, Posh Makeup Brush Organizer w/ Lid Customer


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acrylic makeup brush holder lid

Keep your beloved brushes looking like new and everlasting

Delicate, gentle and graceful are some of the characteristics of  your most trusted brushes that apply your favorite foundations, blushes, and highlights. Show them some love by cherishing them in our crystalline brush organizer.

The organizer is divided into three tall compartments for sorting and organizing brushes of different lengths and sizes. Make the boldest and prettiest bouquet of brushes the world has to see right on your vanity.

Additionally, our organizer comes with marble-like beads to help support and prop up the brushes to avoid them touching the sides and preserving the elegant shape of your favorite brushes.

acrylic makeup brush holder lid

Don’t let dust ruin your precious collection of brushes

The soft bristles of the brushes caress your skin every time you apply makeup. Do not let pesky dust affect your makeup routine by getting them on your brushes or on your skin.

Our makeup brush organizer has a sturdy lid to keep your brushes clean and secure away from dust. The glassy acrylic will protect your brushes while allowing your collection of brushes to stay in full bloom and shine unobstructed.

“Perfect for holding big brushes. I did not really used the beads and my brushes fit perfectly. This will keep them clean and I am glad I got it.”
— Mallika D., Posh Makeup Brush Organizer w/ Lid Customer


  • Clear glass-like acrylic to highlight the beauty of your blooming brush collection
  • Marble-like beads give more radiance to the color of the brushes
  • Keep your brushes snug by putting the desired amount of beads in each of the three compartments.
  • Handmade with high quality 5mm acrylic makes it durable for daily use and its weightiness prevents unwanted moving
  • Keep dust away from your precious brushes without hiding their beauty with the organizer’s sturdy lid

Detailed Specs:

Overall Dimensions
Width: 20.5cm (8.1″)
Depth 8.5cm (3.3″)
Height: 22.5cm (8.9″)

Each Compartment Interior
6cm x 7.5cm (2.4″ x 3″)

Note: Makeup brushes shown in pictures are for illustration purposes only and are not included in the purchase.